This is where your project starts

Your virtual expert starts with content input into the platform. We can join you to refine and enhance your project.

Cloning Platform

A Virtual Expert is created by the following steps:

  • Log in to the Cloning Platform
  • Curate content by entering into the system
  • Documents, text entry, images, videos, and RSS feeds can be used
  • Choose a conversation template (such as Agent, Assistant, etc.)
  • Select persona and character choices
  • Save your entries
  • Publish to create exClone in single step training & learning
  • Test it online
  • We will help you boost your chatbot when the above steps are done
  • Platform Features

    Basic platform features include the following:

  • Persona creation with images and videos
  • Dialogue template selection in accordance with the objective
  • Announcement insertion any time
  • Content editor, allowing definitions of topics and subtopics
  • Adding images and videos as part of the content
  • Entering Q&As that are outside the scope of the content entered
  • Selecting dialogue behavior attributes
  • Testing incrementally at every step of the development
  • Monitoring operations via reporting option
  • Ability to switch to live human agents

  • Advanced functions (exClone participation)

  • Boosting language detection
  • Ontology development/installation for better NLP
  • Ability to build custom templates via CHATMATRIX programming language
  • Hook to databases and RSS feeds for automated content
  • Document drop/convertion capability
  • Controlled spell checker
  • Special dialogue functions
  • Integration to other platforms