Virtual Experts & Conversational AI

What do we offer?

We help you build virtual experts (i.e., chatbots with expert knowledge). Virtual experts help people in medical, legal, finance, business and other fields by engaging them with human-like dialogue. Virtual experts can augment enterprise search, CRM, and help desk systems. Professional virtual experts such as virtual doctors, virtual lawyers, and other virtual advisors allow monetization of expertise and knowledge, defining a new paradigm.

Conversational AI Technology

exClone has developed its proprietary technology for conversational AI. It consists of 3 interacting components including Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and the Human Dialogue Theory (HDT).

Chatbot Cloning Platform

We offer a chatbot platform where virtual experts can be developed by the user without any coding or AI experience. Purely editorial effort is adequate to start your project, and we can join to boost your products.

Virtual Experts for Enterprise

Virtual experts can augment the existing search engines, help desk operations, and HR services of an enterprise.

Professional Virtual Experts

Professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, business people, or anyone can share their knowledge by creating virtual experts.

Samples of Virtual Experts