Clone Yourself

You can create an exClone for your personal representation accessible on the Internet. Your audience can chat with your clone to learn more about your personal stories, ideas, business, and any other detail you would like to share. You can examine all the conversations off-line to adjust your representation, or to contact some of the visitors who left their contact information.

My Talking Resume

Your chatbot “My Talking Resume” will give employers a chance to chat with your clone to learn about your personal stories, images, and videos you have curated for them. This “personal touch” can be utterly important in addition to your standard resume, a combination which significantly increases your chances of being called for an interview, and getting the job you wanted.

My Practice

If you are self-employed, like a lawyer, dentist, real estate agent, etc., you can create your chatbot “My Practice” to describe your business. Your clients can chat with your clone to learn more about who you are, how you conduct your business, and what you actually do for them.

My “Anything”, A New Form of Digital Presence

Creating your personal chatbot is not restricted to any preconceived role. You can be a teacher, expert, advisor, counselor, artist, athlete, or anything else. Having your personal exClone is a new form of digital presence much more effective and interactive than your Twitter account or Facebook page.

Create your Chatbot in a Single Step, Sign up Now.

Creation of your own chatbot is a very simple process. No coding required. No experience in artificial intelligence required. All you need to do is to curate information to be uploaded to your exClone.

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