Basic Info

What is an Expert Chatbot, exClone?

An expert chatbot, exClone, is the most advanced form of a communication tool ever invented for professionals who want to disseminate expert knowledge to large audiences in an interactive, human-like manner. The underlying digital cloning technology helps capture a particular expertise and persona, then shares that expertise with people through conversations on Websites, mobile devices, SMS, and on other platforms. The users can converse with an exClone by keyboard entry or by voice.

What kind of expertise is captured?

The expertise captured by exClone can be anything ranging from a salesman's portfolio of products to a help-desk operator's documents. The expertise is defined as the "knowledge" domain of its creator(s) curated for conversations through an exClone.

How is an exClone created?

An exClone is created by curating the expertise of a person (or a group) and entering into the system via Creator’s Platform. The expertise can be in the form of documents, photos, videos, news feeds, and other material that represent the knowledge of its creator. Then, an exClone is created by an automated process, and ready to chat with the external world. The process can take from a few hours to a few days depending on the complexity of the exClone.

Why should I have an exClone?

A human expert can only talk to one person at a time. An exClone, on the other hand, can chat with thousands of people simultaneously. Therefore, exClone technology offers a great opportunity to scale up any business that involves conversation with clients (externally) and employees (internally).

Is exClone as good as human?

An exClone is better than humans in many aspects and worse in others. It is better because (1) it can chat with thousands of people simultaneously, (2) it can hold vast amount of knowledge in its memory, (3) it never gets tired, and (4) it is consistent at all times. However, an exClone is not as good as human when it comes to talking about subjects outside its knowledge, answering some tricky questions, and being witty.

Can exClone replace human workers?

exClones can replace human workers depending on the type of operation. It is best to deploy exClones alongside existing workers and adjust the size of the human workforce gradually. Doing so will allow ROI measurements to optimize the best combination.

How can I create my own exClones?

You can create an exClone workforce for your business or for your personal use via our Creator’s Platform. All enterprise exClones are subject to SaaS licensing.

How can I integrate an exClone into my system?

All exClones are API based. You can integrate exClone into any Website, Mobile App, or any other device.

Can I have my own exClone as an App?

A separate App (IOS/Android) will be made for your exClone by our company via Saas licensing.

How expensive is having my exClones?

The cost of having your enterprise exClones is subject to licensing fees. The bulk of this cost depends on your API usage. You will be billed per API usage (number of conversations of your exClones).

Can an exClone pass the Turing Test?

Turing test is applicable only to chatbots that do not contain any particular knowledge/expertise. The test measures the fooling ability (between human and computer) within a few minutes trial only dealing with mundane speech. Therefore, exClones are not testable in this manner. The testing of exClones are regularly conducted via Engagement Tests which measures the length of conversation between the user and exClone in talking about a particular topic. Longer engagement means higher success.

How do I control what my exClone says?

Each exClone comes with Creator’s Platform that allows the exClone creator to control every function of the exClone.

Is exClone an Artificial Intelligence Product?

Yes. exClone technology is centered around a proprietary machine learning method, and falls under artificial intelligence category.

How Do I Get Started?

Please Sign Up first, and we will contact you with access credentials to the Creator’s Platform.

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