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Clone Your Managers

You can create expert chatbots (exClones) for your internal operations and launch it on multiple platforms. An EMPLOYEE ASSISTANT, for example, can be created to help workers with employee benefits, health insurance coverage, training materials, maintenance support, and with many other content rich matters.

Clone Your Agents

You can create expert chatbots (exClones) for your external operations to perform duties such as sales agents, spokespersons, help desk operators, recruiters, and many others that can chat with online visitors and customers.

Create Chatbots in Single-Step

There is no coding or experience required to create your enterprise chatbot. Our Creators Platform allows anyone to curate his/her expertise (or group expertise) by entering text, uploading documents, and by uploading media files like images and video. The creator has options to chose dialogue templates (behavior models) and persona. For certain cases, we provide consultancy to assist in developing customized solutions.

Better Communication means More Business

Each exClone chats with thousands of online visitors simultaneously increasing the communication capacity a thousand fold compared to a human employee doing the same job. With better communication, our clients can filter potential customers from visitors more quickly, and increase rates of quality conversations drastically.

Reduce Labor Costs

Lower your cost-per-call rates by allowing exClones to manage inquiries in help-desk and technical support operations. Save your costly human capital for already filtered, higher-value inquiries.

exClone + Human Agent - Live Chat 24/7

We provide exClone based pre-qualification of the visitors before human agents take over the chat sessions. We also provide peer-to-peer chat capability after exClone is taken off-line during conversations. The transition from exClone to human agent takes place by an automated dialogue assessment, in addition to the capability for human intervention at any time. Human agents can monitor ongoing chat sessions between the visitors and exClone to make a take-over decision. The system warns the human agent via SMS for the availability of visitors to chat.

Improve Quality of Conversations

Human workers are often inconsistent, unreliable, forgetful, and fatigued while conducting important conversations with online visitors/customers. Deploying exClones brings a high level of standard to your business communications by avoiding humans’ declining cognitive functions especially during lengthly and repeated conversations.

Conversation Analytics

Discover useful information about your business hidden in millions of customer and employee conversations by deploying exClones as a part of the conversation platform. Conversation logs often contain highly transparent and valuable details about your business. Allow your exClones to uncover and analyze it all for you. Without an exClone operation, such useful information is not replaceable by other Web-based analytics methods.

Integrate with Machinery

Robots, smart toys, vehicles, industrial equipment, and computer games can directly benefit from exClone technology via API communication. Machines can be made to talk about particular expertise with personality, learn from user interaction, and update its expertise via the Internet connection.

Saas Model and API Usage

exClone offers Saas licensing model for the exClone Enterprise Solution. The solution is available via API communication, and service fees are proportional to API usage per month. APP development and SMS options are available. All exClone Enterprise Solutions come with an administrative console for complete control and tracking.

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